[image]http://monicalwilson.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/cc3.jpg” alt=”Circuit City” title=”Circuit City HTML marketing email circa 2007″ width=”560″ height=”600″[/image]
[company]Circuit City[/company]
[description]As part of a small team of copy editors and designers, I designed and coded targeted versions of Circuit City’s award-winning Thursday and Sunday HMTL marketing emails using Photoshop and Circuit City’s enterprise CMS. By “targeted” I mean that each email had 5 different versions, so each week I was creating 10 different emails: the default (and largest) version, movies and music, mobile, gaming and TV.

These emails were viewed by millions of email campaign subscribers every week. In addition to these twice-weekly ads I also created special weekly ads targeted to specific customers.

The 2008 holiday campaign won a Best Email Opt-in Campaign-Gold Consumer award from Marketing Sherpa[/description]